“Up the Women”: Another season of UK suffrage sit com adds to more suffrage movement awareness

Trailer video for Series Two of the BBC Two sit com, “Up the Women,” the sit com about the English suffrage movement. Take note. U.S. audiences shouldn’t expect to go online and watch the new episodes. You can link to YouTube, however, to experience the fun and confirm that the UK has the upper hand in terms of pushing the suffrage movement out into the public arena. There’s nothing comparable to what’s out there already from the UK. The “Suffragette” film is due to be released in September 2015 and the book about suffrage activist Princess Sophia was published by Bloomsbury in January. Other books on the suffrage movement in England include novels, graphic novels, biographies, and various mass market books. In the UK it’s full stream ahead.

Video highlights of the “Up the Women” sit com: The “Up the Women” commentary on hunger strikes. A letter from Emmeline Pankhurst is the subject of this video clip from the TV series. Focus on a picket sign. Discussion of the suffrage issues, topic of this video –including the definition of a “suffragette.”

OTHER RECENT NEWS: Manitoba women were the first in Canada to win the right to vote at the provincial level on January 26, 1916. Nellie McClung, E. Cora Hin,  and M.J. Benedictssen were among those who made this possible. To celebrate this upcoming suffrage centennial, the Manitoba Museum is gathering items for an exhibit featuring  the women involved in the movement called “Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote.” It’s expected to open November 2015. Book about suffrage activist Princess Sophia just published is getting terrific reviews. Meryl Streep has been interviewed about upcoming “Suffragette” film from the UK expected to be released in fall of 2015. Highlights from SuffrageCentennials.com in 2014.

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