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SuffrageCentennials.com is a multi-media platform about local, state, and national suffrage celebrations. Regular postings, plus video and audio highlights.

The National Federation of Press Women honored SuffrageCentennials.com in 2015 with a national media award. Now we’re on the bandwagon to spread news of an equal rights struggle of 100 years.  We joined the ERA Coalition.  It’s also bringing attention to the old wagon, the “Spirit of 17767” used by Edna Kearns and others in 1913 to win the right of US women to vote.

We’re doing our demanding jobs, including spreading word of what happened 100 years ago when US women started the long journey to a suffrage centennial. The year 2020 was the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution that guaranteed US women the right to vote. It took longer to make sure that local and state restrictions were removed. This year it’s the slow-moving but eternal of keeping alive the tale of our ancestors and the persistence of US women.


The year 2023 is the 100th anniversary of US women working on the campaign for an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution.


Marguerite Kearns is editor of the award-winning Suffrage Centennials website that has been publishing since 2013. She was co-chair of the national Inez Milholland observance with Robert P.J. Cooney Jr., a project of the National Women’s History Project (now the National Women’s History Alliance). And she is the author of An Unfinished Revolution: Edna Buckman Kearns and the Struggle for Women’s Rights, published by SUNY Press (State University of New York).


SuffrageCentennials.com has received awards from the New Mexico Press Women at the organization’s annual conference and awards banquet in 2015 and 2019. Judges in 2015 said that the perspectives expressed on Suffrage Centennials represent a “great introduction” to the subject of the women’s suffrage movement, as well as being “a great topic” in its own right.  NMPW is New Mexico’s largest inclusive media organization.

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