Suffrage centennials are gathering steam around the world!

Iceland is gearing up for its 2015 suffrage centennial!

Countdown to the 2020 suffrage centennial

On Women’s Equality Day, Vision 2020 held a “Toast to Tenacity” at the Independence Visitors Center at Fifth and Market Streets in Philadelphia, PA. Vision 2020 is counting down to the suffrage centennial in 2020. One of its new initiatives is the online “Doctor or Doctress?” online exhibit, one of many initiatives in preparation for the 2020 votes for women suffrage centennial. Vision 2020, a national organization, is based in Philadelphia. It’s working to achieve women’s economic and social equality by the year 2020, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution that granted women the right to vote. Vision 2020 delegates have been appointed in all 50 states for this important votes for women celebration. For more information.

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Will the current controversy impact the 2020 suffrage centennial?

It’s a good thing that the 2020 centennial celebration of the victory for votes for women is well into the future. Otherwise the current controversy surrounding the proposed women’s history museum in the nation’s Capitol could be troubling. It’s still possible for the unresolved issues of related projects and programs to work themselves out. Or are the positions set in cement? Unfortunately the rough spots that need addressing are serious. The proposed women’s history museum controversy is reminiscent of the battles fought within the suffrage ranks before the turn of the 20th century. A History News Network posting summarizes the issues. The good news from the article:

“Though barely half a century old, the field of women’s history has emerged as one of the key specialties in the historical profession. Women’s historians mount regular scholarly conferences and publish leading journals. The field boasts practitioners who have reached the highest ranks of scholarly distinction as professors in top-flight institutions and presidents of scholarly societies. Women’s history is a recognized, an essential, part of the American past, a field that every university worth its salt needs to offer and that more and more high school curricula now include.”

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Suffragist Memorial moves forward toward goal of 2020

Turning Point Suffrage MemorialOccoquan Regional Park, the future home of the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial, is undergoing a transformation. On Saturday, September 27, 2014, NOVA Parks (formerly known as the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) broke ground on the Jean R. Packard Occoquan Center which is a main component in a massive park facelift. The goal is to see a memorial built and fully operational by 2020, the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. It will be located in NOVA Park’s Occoquan Regional Park.

The Center will be named for Jean R. Packard, a long time Fairfax County community and civic leader who advocated for the creation of a memorial to the suffragists held at the Occoquan Workhouse. Because of her vision, efforts began to create a national memorial at Occoquan Regional Park. The Packard Center will be a multipurpose building that will include a historic/environmental education area, a special event rental space overlooking the Occoquan River, and a concessions area to serve boaters and other park patrons. The state-of-the-art facility will bring new visitors to the park and to the future Turning Point suffrage memorial.

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association (TPSM) is an all-volunteer 501c3 with the mission “to memorialize the suffragists whose harsh treatment at the Occoquan Workhouse in Lorton, Va., served as a turning point for the recognition of a woman’s right to vote; and to educate, inspire and empower present and future generations to remain vigilant in the quest for equal rights.” For more information:

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Program idea for suffrage centennial events and celebrations…

Illusionist Lyn Dillies has designed an original program that integrates her magic and illusions from her touring show with her personal story based on the book she wrote, Your Vote Is Magic! about the importance of voting. This candidate for entertainment at your suffrage centennial event includes a magical audience-pleasing demonstration plus a power point presentation that highlights voting history by including some exciting material about the suffrage movement. Educate and inspire potential voters (primarily high school and college age students) about civic responsibility and in a very magical way. Teach them that their vote is their voice. For more information, e-mail: or call 508-636-2484.

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How to get suffrage centennials more of the attention these events require…

Promoting suffrage centennials requires an examination of the history of how women won the vote and the various reasons why this part of American history hasn’t received the attention it deserves. Musician and historian Gerri Gribi addresses this topic in a brief audio podcast where she examines what she discovered after spending several decades speaking to groups and performing songs about women and their history. This is important to keep in mind with the upcoming 2017 suffrage centennial in New York State that will coincide with the centennial of the United States entering World War I. Unless there’s a concerted effort to care about and promote the suffrage movement, this period of our history may well be overpowered by other centennial observances  in New York and around the nation. We won’t be able to say that Gerri Gribi didn’t warn us. Pull up a chair, listen, and reflect. The podcast.

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