SuffrageCentennials is a web site that’s a labor of love!

I’m no rich lady dropping into the women’s rights movement. Sure, there were those who gave generously, but the group never involved me and many others who were involved and spent their lifetimes busy.
This site and others sites originating from my kitchen are the result of labors of love. That’s very different from the casual statements unconnected to reality that web sites like AND AND other web sites too numerous to mention are statements of the descendants of activists who primarily were people with tight values and long histories and memories.

I’ve known for years that if I expected to have ourselves and our ancestors recognized that we would need lots of money. Wrong. This and many other sites don’t have grants and foundations behind us. It’s a labor of love that has developed into a wave…a very large wave. It takes generations to succeed at this rate. Let’s give recognition where it is deserved!

I have been blogging for years. How? By going to school, taking classes, and not letting a minute pass when I could be learning and acting and spreading the word.

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