2023 is almost over…US women working on an ERA for 100 years

This coming year, it’s 101 years that US women have been working on an equal rights amendment to the national constitution. We’re almost there. To 2024, that is.

If men had been discriminated against like this for as long as we women have, all hell would break loose. It’s expected that women, the second gender, would be into non violence. And the word is spread that we’re pushovers. We’re supposed to be victims. We’re supposed to stand aside and internalize the oppression that has entered our souls.

Fortunately, this isn’t 100% of what all citizens and voters are saying. They’re noting that the US is behind the rest of the world. And that the situation around the world needs more TLC (tender loving care), not less of it.

They’re noting that more organizations are popping up that are claiming that US women are candidates for being treated as human beings, equal to and as qualified, (and in many instances more), they’re addressing the issues and messes caused by those who put themselves first. Let’s persist in this endeavor.

The US deserves an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. It’s inevitable. And predictable that there’s a backlash to return to the “good old days” when certain taxpayers were expected to march through life with their heads down and their visions limited. Not indefinitely. No sir ree…!

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