January birthdays of women’s rights activists and other suffrage movement celebrations

January birthdays for suffrage centennial celebrations

If you have a favorite suffrage activist, there’s more than a remote possibility of something in that person’s life that can be celebrated, a suffrage centennial or otherwise, in January and during the upcoming year. Don’t rely on the standard observances. Create your own! The “go to” web site for the birthdays of activists and prominent women is found at the National Women’s History Project. The NWHP is celebrating its 35th year in operation in 2015. This organization has carved innumerable paths into the wilderness of American history. If you’re not subscribed to the NWHP’s mailing list, indulge yourself. And join as a member. Each month there’s an email about women’s rights activists and their birthdays. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or simply a women’s history or suffrage history fan, get on the bandwagon.

OTHER RESOURCES: A video about January birthdays of women’s rights activists to send to your friends and family members. Plan a hot tea get-to-gether at home or out on the town during Hot Tea Month in January. Another video about keeping the tea pot hot in preparation for Susan B. Anthony’s birthday in February. If you’re suffering from cabin fever, consider checking out this video about planning a trip to Rochester, NY during February to visit the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House and the annual fundraiser in honor of Susan’s birthday that attracts hundreds of guests each year. The speaker for 2015 is Lynn Sherr. More about the event.

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