Does Andrew Cuomo choice of Kathy Hochul for lt. gov. on ticket raise hopes for 2017 suffrage centennial?

The question of improved chances for New York State celebrating its 2017 suffrage centennial was raised recently with the nomination of Kathy Hochul who has a spot as Lieutenant Governor for Andrew Cuomo’s reelection ticket. Of course NYS voters still must decide in November 2014, but there’s a possibility with Hochul’s focus on upstate economic development and tourism. Keep a sharp look at the prospects. If you’re a New Yorker, ask the hard question about 2017 of both candidates on the campaign trail.

While you’re at it, why fret over how you and your organization will celebrate an upcoming suffrage centennial? Start now before the rush and consider all options. Suff buffs in the UK are smack in the middle of production on a suffrage movement major motion picture to be released in January 2015. This will push the topic of the suffrage movement far out into the public domain. By comparison, suff sit-com “Up the Women” in the UK has been pleasing audiences over the past year. And what about your local community –your friends and associates who are itching to get started with the 2017 planning in NYS and everyone else who can put the national 2020 suffrage centennial on their “to do” list. Check out the Bloomsbury book on suffrage plays.

A theatrical production, “The Stone that Started the Ripple,” is a fascinating angle on the suffrage movement, as evidenced by the recent production by Patricia A. Nugent that features a modern-day reunion of suffrage activists: Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojoufrner Turth and Lucretia Mott. It would be an excellent candidate for any upcoming centennial celebration. The one-act play has been performed to sold-out audiences on four occasions. The appeal, perhaps, is the way in which the four women comment on today’s political climate using their quotes from history. The play was underwritten by a grant from Soroptimist International of Saratoga County, and proceeds benefitted the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County in upstate New York. celebrates its first birthday in June 2014. We’ve been setting the table for the birthday celebration party the last few weeks. Check out the video and follow us on Twitter and email subscription. Video is posted on YouTube with about 40 educational videos highlighting the suffrage movement.

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