Centennial of Suffragette Arson in 2014, plus “Suffragette” film update

The centennial of the burning down of a hotel by English suffrage activists was observed in April of this year by BBC News that featured the 1914 event and the two women behind it: Evaline Burkitt, 37, and 22-year-old Florence Tunks. The former Bath Hotel in Felixstowe was built in 1839 and owned by John Cobbold. It attracted the rich and famous from London. including the Maharajah Duleep Singh, Princess Louise (daughter of Queen Victoria), Clara Butt, the famous singer, and Arthur Balfour, the Prime Minister in 1902.

The UK film now in production, “Suffragette,” is already being termed ” an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster” in recent media being released about the production that’s expected to open in January 2015. The promotion effort has been publicizing film locations in England (including the Houses of Parliament), as well as numerous production shots of the film’s principals mixed with human interest features.



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