100-year English suffrage collection is now personal and public

Boff Whalley, contemporary musician, has written a musical about an English suffragette that was inspired after seeing a friend’s collection of her grandmother’s suffrage memorabilia that’s now 100 years old. “Wrong ‘Un” will open in mid January 2014 and tell the story of Annie Wilde, a mill worker who campaigned for women’s right to vote. The friend’s grandmother went to Holloway prison and served time for the crime of women demanding democratic participation in the affairs of government. The persistent resistance pushed some English activists to take bold steps to win their cause. The UK has had numerous events and celebrations about their suffrage movement during the past year. There a telly suffrage sit-com underway, “Up the Women,” and a major motion picture in production. Hurray for suffrage celebrants in the UK. They take their suffrage movement history seriously. For more information about “Wrong ‘UN,” see: #1. #2.