Noteworthy suffrage centennial approach in Montana

The Montana Historical Society has grabbed the reigns in terms of the celebration of its suffrage centennial during 2014. Their campaign slogan, the Year of Women in History, is upfront about coming at the subject matter as an underdog. Women have been left out of Montana history is the statement entering the year-long celebration and the goal is to spark a wider recognition of women in history, not only educated women who have been high achievers, but also women from all walks of life who have left a trail behind them.

Montana women's suffrage website project

“Women have not been at the center of power, so when we tell  history from the perspective of people in power, we often leave women out,” said MHS Historical Specialist Martha Kohl in an article for the Sidney Herald. Native American women were not included in Montana’s 1914 victory, something the suffrage centennial celebrants are determined to do something about. African-American women are highlighted, as well as a wide variety of the many activists it took to make it possible for Montana women to vote.

The website has already been launched and it’s a fine example of possibilities for other states as well as the upcoming U.S. suffrage centennial in 2020. Funding for the website and other aspects of the project are provided, in part, by Montana’s Cultural Trust. Pay a visit. It’s worth it. Subscribe. The diversity of the articles so far is a stunning example of possibilities. Photo: Montana Historical Society.

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