Suffrage centennial road trip & campaign to restore suffrage movement silent film!

Suffrage Envoys, v. 3

Author Anne Gass set out on September 21, 2015 for a Sara Bard Field cross-country trip for woman suffrage that will continue through November 19, 2015. She left from San Francisco headed for Auburn, then Reno, and onto Salt Lake City, Midvale, Utah and then will drive across Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Chicago, Ohio, and then upstate New York where she’ll visit Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, and Albany. She’ll be in Wilmington, Baltimore and finally Washington D.C., and finally arriving in November 16 for several nights before returning home to Maine. Travel can be unpredictable, as Sara Bard Field and her companions often found before the construction of modern highway networks. You can follow the road trip online.

The trip traces suffragist and poet Sara Bard Field’s cross-country automobile trip that carried a petition from the Panama Pacific Exposition to President Woodrow Wilson demanding the 19th Amendment to the constitution. Anne is seeking more information and artifacts from the historic journey, which was sponsored by Alice Paul’s Congressional Union (later the National Woman’s Party) and was met by a large demonstration in Washington D.C. 100 years ago.

"Mothers of Men"

Mothers of Men, a melodrama made in 1917, one the few surviving women’s suffrage films, stars Dorothy Davenport. Made just three years before the 19th Amendment, the production attempted to show the nation how strong women could be if allowed to hold political office. The only known film elements are held outside the United States and have been deteriorating to the point that it is imperative to begin the restoration. Donations are requested. For more information.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Honorable Margaret Milner Richardson received the Silent Sentinel award on September 17, 2015 from the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial project. Elizabeth Crawford continues with her blogging in anticipation of “Suffragette” film from the UK. New Zealand suffrage petition with 24,000 names available online. Continuing coverage of Woodstock, NY town board resolution supporting 2017 and 2020 suffrage centennials that shares local women’s history with a broader audience (Women in Black). Book for young people about Silent Sentinels and the picketing of the White House. U.S. suffrage martyr Inez Milholland honored on National Voter Registration Day. Follow 2016 Inez Milholland centennial on Twitter. Suffrage Wagon Cooking School celebrates its first birthday. Fundraising for the proposed statue of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Central Park continues. Susan B. Anthony Museum and House 2015-2016 lecture series announced.

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