Broader conversation about public history includes centennial observances!

100 Years ago“Challenging the Exclusive Past”: A 2016 conference call. CALL FOR PAPERS for the 2016 annual meeting of the National Council on Public History and the Society for History in the Federal Government, Baltimore, Maryland, March 16-19, 2016. Formal preservation and interpretation of the past began as a movement to celebrate great men and elite spaces. Slowly, and with difficulty, this is becoming a more democratic and inclusive effort that will hopefully include women and upcoming centennial celebrations. Public History Commons asserts that public historians have an important role to play in the ongoing work to expand national, state, local, and global narratives.

What are the most effective and engaging means for expanding interpretive practices and professional spaces in order to promote full inclusion of previously marginalized peoples and places? To what extent have new, more democratic and engaged public history practices changed museum collections and exhibits, preservation practice, law, and public commemoration? And what happens when formerly disenfranchised members of the public assert their right to tell their own histories? These questions address the fundamental meanings of public history and citizenship. As 2016 will mark the centennial of the National Park Service and fifty years of the National Historic Preservation Act, public historians and others are invited to Baltimore and explore the promise, the successes, and the challenges of developing a more inclusive public history landscape in the twenty-first century.

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