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Excellent web educational module released about suffrage movement by Newseum and AAUW

New educational suffrage module

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Newseum in Washington, DC made a major contribution last week with the launching of an educational module for the suffrage movement geared to educators and educational institutions. It’s also more than that. For the AAUW, the suffrage history module is part of a “Program in a Box” project possibility for AAUW members who are encouraged to reach out to educators and community media. Registered users of the Newseum web site can also access lesson plans, graphics, photos and primary documents. This extensive educational outreach is likely to strengthen the audience of interest for suffrage centennial celebrations nationwide, now and in the future.

SuffrageCentennials.com is supportive of parties, events and celebrations, large and small planned for fun and remembering the long and difficult struggle for women to win the vote in the United States and around the world.


Safiya Bandele is turning heads and packing in the audiences for her program on Ida B. Wells, “Warrior for Justice.” See the Facebook page for more information And there are other possibilities to consider, such as the Elizabeth Cady Stanton performance with Sally Roesch Wagner during Stanton’s 200th birthday celebration in 2015. Magic and the suffrage movement go together in this program idea. Bernice Ende offers suffrage slide show. “The Yellow Wallpaper” theatrical presentation continues. “What’s a suffrage centennial without a pot of tea?” Check in with Suffrage Wagon Cooking School. Find out how to follow Suffrage Centennials.

imagesSuffrageCentennials.com has a Facebook page, in addition to Twitter, email subscription, and a Quarterly Newsletter. Sign up for email on this web page. Stay up to date with postings, audio podcasts, and videos. Plan for your suffrage centennial event.

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Suffrage centennial archive highlights what’s happening and what’s to come!

You can’t say that you didn’t have time or an opportunity to plan a suffrage centennial event. SuffrageCentennials.com has been storing past articles in an archive for future reference. Check it out. You’ll be able to catch up with the news for 2014 that you may not have seen. Are you up to date on the proposed statue of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in NYC’s Central Park? How about Iceland’s 22015 suffrage centennial in 2015? The 2014 state centennial celebrations in Montana and Nevada? The national online discussion about the 2020 suffrage centennial, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? The first annual observance of the Night of Terror by Turning Point Suffragist Memorial. And much more. How about coverage of how Bernice Ende rode her horse on a long journey delivering the news of the suffrage movement to communities far and wide this past summer? Subscribe to SuffrageCentennials.com for news and updates. Send us news of your plans and events.

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Bernice Ende from Montana is on the road speading the word about the suffrage movement!

Word is spreading about the importance of the suffrage movement in American history. And the subject matter takes over the local news when someone like Bernice Ende rides into Rochester and Fayetteville, NY to tell people that’s she’s honoring our suffrage ancestors when she talks about suffrage centennials. Ende is from Montana, one of two states honoring its suffrage centennial in 2014. Recently she stopped in Rochester to visit Susan B. Anthony’s grave and then carved out a visit to the Susan B. Anthony House before heading to Fayetteville and the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center. Friends and neighbors in both towns spread out a red carpet for Bernice. And for good reason!

Figuring that Bernice didn’t have much time to spend on a computer crafting a quote for this web site, we suggested that Bernice offer up a single sentence to sum up her ride. So she sent back a reply: “What do you say to a woman who devoted her life to unlocking doors you now freely walk thru? What do you say to the woman who cleared what was once a pitiful path to become what is now a free-way that I travel on? I simply couldn’t believe I was witnessing such an important region! AND the appreciation I felt to the women who work to keep this history alive. Goodness, you all need to be applauded. I know Susan would be proud of you.” Bernice understands the importance of putting both Gage and Anthony on her priority list and telling others about their remarkable lives and contributions. She’s modeling how to put the spirit of the suffrage activists to work in our own lives. Bernice’s web site.

Bernice says that if she rides into your town, she’s available to present a slideshow on women’s suffrage. So contact her at endehomebase@yahoo.com if you’d like to schedule a presentation. See her blog for the route of travel.
Susan B. Anthony House

Photos of Bernice Ende in Rochester, NY by John Adamski. Photo #1 at Susan B. Anthony’s grave: Bernice and Deborah Hughes of the Susan B. Anthony House. Photo #2: Bernice at the Susan B. Anthony House on 17 Madison Street in Rochester, NY.

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