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FIND OUT ABOUT—August retreat in Rochester, NY and 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative. Plus new light on Edna Kearns’ suffrage archive!

For more information about the August 23-26, 2018 women’s conference in Rochester, NY, contact Sharon Nelson at Sharoninelson@aol.com


As the 2020 suffrage centennial approaches, there are an increasing number of excellent books being published that shed more light than ever on the history of first wave women’s rights activism and the numerous attempts to make the most of what’s out there.

One example is “Women Will Vote” (2017, Cornell University Press) by Susan Goodier and Karen Pastorello that delves into the loose association of organizations and individuals that collectively and separately contributed to New York women winning the vote in 1917, a turning point in the national movement.”

“Aside from suffrage leaders, very few workers left detailed records of their activities behind,” the authors noted in their text (p. 174, hardbound edition). This suggests that archival Votes for Women collections like the one assembled by Edna Kearns are especially valuable from the perspective of the organizer or field representative on the ground.


Make sure you are linked to the 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative’s (WVCI) website, 2020centennial.org, that serves as an organizing and information-sharing entity for programs, projects, and activities commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and a way to stimulate dialogue to address the ongoing initiative for women’s rights.

WVCI is a collaborative network of women centered institutions, organizations, and individuals from across the US. The cooperative effort is to ensure that the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment is honored throughout the United States in ways that: 1) include the influence and stories of the various components of the suffrage movement in ways that reflect the accuracy of the historical record; 2) recognize the legal and social advances resulting from the 19th Amendment; 3) acknowledge the inadequacies of the Amendment’s implementation; 4) describe its continuing relevance to the ongoing struggle for equal rights; 5) encourage involvement in large and small activities at all levels by diverse public, nonprofit, and private organizations and individuals. For more information and resources about the 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative, visit 2020centennial.org.

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“Spirit of 1776” women’s suffrage wagon has been moved, plus suffrage centennial news notes!

Watch the Video

Spirit of 1776 suffrage wagon to be on exhibit in 2017 at NYS Museum on Vimeo.

The State of New York launched the 100th anniversary of women voting in the state on March 1, 2017 with a women’s history exhibit up for public view for thirty days. Now the “Spirit of 1776” wagon has been moved over to the New York State Museum where it is promoting the large women’s suffrage exhibit at the museum in November 2017. That exhibit will be on view through May 2018.

IN OTHER NEWS: The 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial has a Facebook page. The Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative (WVCI) is a collaborative effort created to share information and stimulate activities around the country in the years leading up to 2020. It is run by a volunteer task force, that represents the various segments of the historical women’s suffrage movement, contemporary women’s organizations, and scholars. For more information.

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