Suffrage centennial march in the UK in July 2013

Dreadnought South West's show about the great suffrage pilgrimageThe 1913 mass English suffrage march didn’t get the same publicity that the suffragette movement garnered the same year that Emily Davison became a martyr after being trampled by the King’s horse. However, women today are walking and marching in England, following the same route, and celebrating their suffrage history along the way. There are parties and special programs, in addition to the performance of a theatrical piece called “Oxygen.” The story of this 1913 march that ended in a rally with 50,000 people in attendance almost was lost in the shadow of reporting on the more militant wing of the suffrage movement in England. The ways in which this is being played out today is a fascinating study. See #1. #2. Details about the march as it will be passing through Corsham. #1. #2.  Photo from the Guardian coverage.