NYC Central Park statue proposed: 2020 suffrage centennial is in mind

A call for support is circulating with the goal of creating a statue in NYC’s Central Park honoring Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and those who fought for woman’s suffrage.  There are no statues honoring real women in Central Park.  There are statues of Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, and Juliet (with Romeo), but no tributes to the real women who played significant roles in the shaping of the nation. Numerous representations of the female form (like angels, nymphs and allegorical figures) are part of the park landscape, but statues celebrating the vast and varied contributions of real women are nowhere to be found. By creating this statue honoring Stanton, Anthony and women who fought for the vote, New York City women’s advocates would like to position New  York in the center of the nationwide woman suffrage celebration spotlight in 2020. So the planning is underway now with the woman suffrage statue as an important step. With this statue, New  York’s women’s history will be accessible to the 40 million people who visit Central Park each year. Support is needed to rectify an injustice to women that has lasted for over 150 years. To respond to the call for support, visit the link that lays out all the details, including a long list of people who have already signed on to give their support.

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