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Buy an ERA t-shirt like this one. It expresses one of many choices of protest memorabilia available on the ERA Coalition web site. US women have been working on an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution for 100 years in 2023. The ERA Coalition is restless. The message on the t-shirt now available for sale reflects this.

We are partners in the ERA Coalition. Have you followed the posts on  We are passing the torch to the future. The next generation carrying on the work of getting an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution will, no doubt, make discoveries like we have. Like it, or not? There are certain patterns that persist.

Will an ERA t-shirt overcome the message sent by the US Supreme Court that women aren’t smart enough to make decisions about their own bodies, and they must be controlled by a government-related court reminding them that we, the women, are second class citizens? Stay tuned! has been publishing since 2013. We’re a sister blog to Suffrage Wagon News Channel that has been online and verbose since 2009.

Happy New Year from your friends celebrating suffrage centennials! on Vimeo.

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