Happy New Year from SuffrageCentennials.com! Resistance to ERA eroding…

From time to time we remind our support base about the importance of standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Most were volunteers who gave what they could within a toxic and obstacle-ridden context. They passed the torch to us, and now we’re passing the torch to others to carry on the work. Happy New Year!

The Equal Rights Coalition is in this nonviolent struggle for the long haul. Those of us at SuffrageCentennials.com are partners in the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition that consists of many organizations across the United States. Here’s one of their terrific messages for distribution.

SuffrageCentennials.com has been publishing since 2013.


Find out what you can do to get the US Senate to a vote on getting rid of the ERA ratification time limits. Send a letter to mover and shaker Chuck Schumer, Hart Senate Building, Room 322. Washington, DC 20510.

Next year is the 100th year of US women working on an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. That’s why SuffrageCentennials.com is involved.


Check in with our sister site,SuffrageWagon.org, that has been publishing since 2009. You bet we are committed to this unfinished revolution supporting equal rights in the US Constitution. In 2023, US women will have been working for equal rights guaranteed in the US Constitution since 1923.

This message is part of a special report from the Brennan Center for Justice about the eroding resistance to an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution:

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