We honor Louise Slaughter! More suffrage centennial news!

Special Report: Thank you, Louise Slaughter (1929-2018) for your work benefitting American women! on Vimeo

.IN OTHER NEWS: The website—2020Centennial.org—is adding to the resources associated with 2020. You can add the 2020 centennial logo onto your site. The May issue of the Suffrage2020 listserv has some up-to-date and breaking news. Are you subscribed? Sampling of some of the listings:

The “One Woman, One Vote” Film Festival scheduled for March 2020 in Washington, DC.

The database (online) for Women and Social Movements is compiling a biographical dictionary of this first wave of the women’s rights movement. WASM is a subscription website, although the biographical dictionary portion will be made available on September 2018.

There is activity around the 2020 votes for women centennial in Washington state, North Dakota, and Missouri. Paperback editions of “Alice Paul: Claiming Power” by J.D. Zahniser (Oxford, 2014-2019) and “Remembering the Ladies: Celebrating Those who Fought for Freedom at the Ballot Box”by Angela P. Dodson (Center Street, 2017/2019)._

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