Six days left on Kickstarter campaign for Inez Milholland film


Inez Milholland: America’s suffrage martyr. She died for women’s right to vote.

Just six days left to join the campaign to introduce Inez Milholland to American voters. You can be a part of the push to distribute the beautiful short documentary, Inez Milholland ~ Forward into Light. With your help, Martha Wheelock and Wild West Women ( will be sending 10,000 free copies to schools, libraries, organizations and anyone working to encourage voting.

Make it happen today ~ click over to Kickstarter, choose a reward and make a pledge.  You can see the trailer there too. Kickstarter  Everyone should know about Inez. OR Send a tax-deductible contribution marked “Inez” to NWHP, 730 Second St #469, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.
The National Women’s History Project will help distribute the INEZ film. is working to bring the story of Inez Milholland to American voters in this election year.

Visit the web site.

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