Does your organization have a 5-year plan for suffrage centennial events?

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2017 is big year for women’s suffrage movement events and special programs! on Vimeo.

The year 2017 seems like a long way into the future to be planning for women’s suffrage centennial events and special programs. But work is already underway for 2017 and the 100th anniversary of the Silent Sentinels picketing the White House in 1917. And 2017 is also the year for the New York State suffrage centennial.

Projects in the works include a national suffragist memorial in Lorton, Virginia; the continuation of the Women on 20s campaign; a proposed statue of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in NYC’s Central Park; a new effort by the National Women’s History Project to gather support for the designation of August 26th as a national holiday; and a 2016 centennial observance for Inez Milholland, American’s suffrage martyr. There’s also support for funding New York State’s women’s suffrage centennial commission, plus more in the works.

If the education and fundraising arm of your organization is interested in planning ahead, you’ll have access now to some great presenters whose schedules are filling up NOW. Celebrate women’s freedom to vote and be on the front lines in your community and region.

When planning for your organization, consider a five-year plan that will take your group through the 2020 national centyennial observance when American women will have been voting for 100 years.


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