Woodstock, NY: The town that loves its women! Resolution supports suffrage centennial celebrations!

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The town of Woodstock, NY is planning special events during 2016 to honor its women’s history and prepare for the state’s 2017 suffrage centennial. Consider Woodstock as a travel destination!

On August 11, 2015 the Woodstock, NY town board unanimously passed a resolution to support New York State’s 2017 suffrage centennial by making a priority of sharing the story of Woodstock women with a larger audience. The resolution sketched out a plan for the town to promote and participate in the state’s centennial observance by sponsoring events and making a priority of educating the public about Woodstock’s women and how New York State is the “Cradle” of the U.S. women’s rights movement in the United States.

The Woodstock town board resolution expands local public support for the state centennial in 2017. Woodstock joins New York City which has made a similar commitment to the 2017 centennial through its Department of Records and Information Services. The city agency has plans to sponsor suffrage-related events and exhibits from now through 2020, the nation’s observance of 100 years of American women voting. During its 2015 session, both houses of the NYS Legislature passed bills to create a state suffrage centennial commission for 2017.


Resolution passed August 11, 2015: To Mobilize Recognition of Woodstock Women during the year 2017 and from now through 2020 to celebrate the New York State and National Suffrage Centennials.

“WHEREAS Woodstock, New York has a long tradition of artistic, literary and activist expression by women, and New York State is considered the “Cradle” of the women’s rights movement in the United States, and WHEREAS 2017 is the centennial observance of the 1917 victory of women winning voting rights in New York State; and WHEREAS 2020 is the National centennial observance of the ratification of the19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guaranteed American women the right to vote;

 “AND WHEREAS local exhibits, programs, events and celebrations pertaining to women and their campaigns for equal rights contribute to overall happiness, raise spirits and morale, and contribute to local economic development through sustainable cultural heritage tourism and affirm the community’s commitment to equality that is part of our town history and heritage;

“BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Woodstock, New York prepare for the State 2017 and National 2020 women’s suffrage centennial celebrations by encouraging individuals and businesses, arts, cultural, governmental, service and political organizations and groups to plan and coordinate events pertaining to women and their accomplishments to be held during the years 2017 and from now through 2020, in addition to participating in regional and statewide networks promoting such initiatives, including the New York State Path Through History tourism network.”

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