2020 suffrage centennial is goal for campaign to put a woman on a U.S. $20 bill

$20 bill

The campaign to boot Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and replace him with a woman has been gathering support nationally, including a grassroots voting campaign. It’s a way to bring the 2020 suffrage centennial out in the open by setting the year 2020 as a goal. Have you voted and declared your pick from a slate of 15 candidates? Do so. More women candidates are being added to the list. According to the web site, this is a process:

“The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote. So it seems fitting to commemorate that milestone by voting to elevate women to a place that is today reserved exclusively for the men who shaped American history. That place is on our paper money. And that new portrait can become a symbol of greater changes to come.

“Let’s make the names of female ‘disrupters’ — the ones who led the way and dared to think differently — as well-known as their male counterparts. In the process, maybe it will get a little easier to see the way to full political, social and economic equality for women. And hopefully it won’t take another century to realize the motto inscribed on our money: E pluribus unum, or “Out of many, one.”

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