Suffragist memorial fundraising is launched with 2020 suffrage centennial in sight!

VIDEO: Be on the Cutting Edge with your Support of the Suffragist Memorial! on Vimeo.

The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association is pleased to report that Sue Webb has stepped forward with the first $1,000 donation in the current campaign to raise money for the suffragist memorial that’s expected to be completed and operational on or before the U.S. 2020 suffrage centennial celebration. A second $1,000 contribution by Sue Webb is on behalf of her daughter, Abbe Saunders Fabry.

While American families are planning trips to visit the monuments to George Washington or Martin Luther King, many of us scrambling to make certain that a memorial to honor those suffrage activists is supported and funded. All of us are needed to make this dream a reality!

The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association’s campaign, “A ‘Grand’ Thank You…Memorialize the Suffragists,” hopes to raise the $1 million dollars needed to begin Phase 1 of the voting rights memorial. The cost of the memorial’s completion will be close to $7 million. The garden-style national memorial will be located near the former Occoquan Workhouse in Lorton, Va., where in 1917, dozens of suffragists were imprisoned. They endured beatings, force-feedings and dreadful conditions for “obstructing the sidewalk” as they stood silently in protest at the gates of the White House. The memorial design has been donated by Robert E. Beach Architects. The land and future memorial maintenance will be in the hands of NOVA Parks, the regional park authority.

If 1,000 people each donate $1,000, the current goal of $1 million, one phase of the total fundraising, will be realized by the fall of 2015. Volunteers interested in stepping forward to help raising this money are encouraged to send an email to:

Our thanks to Gerri Gribi for permission to use part of her original music for the video soundtrack supporting the suffragist memorial. Check out Gerri’s web page of other musical offerings from women’s history at

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