Dear Santa, Will the Harriet Tubman National Park fit in your sleigh? VIDEO

VIDEO: Get the U.S. Congress to approve the Tubman National Park.

The Harriet Tubman sites in New York State and Maryland proposed for a national park are significant in terms of the abolitionist and suffrage movements. There’s a direct relationship between the past and the present, in part because of the large support base these historic sites have among people of the respective regions, many of whom are direct descendants of Harriet Tubman. Her life history inspires faith and courage among people even generations later. It will take a determined coalition of people acting together to fund a Harriet Tubman national park, however. The park’s a popular travel destination among a wide variety of people from the U.S. and around the world. And it will be even more so during upcoming suffrage centennials from to 2020, the year of the votes for women centennial across the nation.

LetsRockTheCradle visited the Harriet Tubman historic site in Auburn, NY and wrote about it in 2013 in “New York History.” Check out these special reports: #1. “The Politics of Harriet Tubman and Barack Obama.” #2. “Harriet Tubman and the Projected National Park.” The reports may be a year old, but the background and significance of the proposed national park remains current.

Tell Congress to fund the Harriet Tubman National Park. Make your voice heard! Donate to the Harriet Tubman historic site. While the proposed Harriet Tubman National Park’s status is still uncertain, the Tubman site in Auburn, NY remains in private hands until there is Congressional action. Follow


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