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Think about fresh produce & activism! Plus suffrage centennial news!

Women Voters: Remember that Food and Activism go together!  on Vimeo.

Suffrage movement cookbooks were an important way of combining food preparation with activism. Suffrage Wagon Cooking School has been featuring these cookbooks that are now in the public domain and available for us to read and experiment with today. Of course, a great deal has changed in terms of measuring ingredients. No more sprinkles of this and a handful of that.

IN SUFFRAGE NEWS: The National Women’s History Project is having its annual online auction to raise money. Get some great deals on books, memorabilia, and educational items. The Central Park women’s statue will be unveiled in New York City during 2020, the national suffrage centennial. Also, the New York State Museum will have a 2020 exhibit that includes the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Kearns in NYC and Long island in 1913 for grassroots organizing. Follow Suffrage Wagon News Channel for more information.

If you can, join The Extreme History Project for “Hazel Hunkins of Billings: Protesting at the White House, 1917-1919”, a lecture by Kevin Kooistra, Executive Director of the Western Heritage Center in Billings, on Thursday June 28 at 6 pm at the Museum of the Rockies (600 W. Kagy Blvd., Bozeman, MT).  This lecture is free and open to the public.

 Denied the opportunity to work in a local chemistry lab because of her gender, Billings native Hazel Hunkins promptly joined the national fight for women’s suffrage.  In his presentation, Kevin Koostra will share the story of this gritty woman who remained undeterred even after national resentment led to arrest and recrimination for Hunkins and her fellow protesters.

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