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Alice Paul tea program to be presented in Sarasota, Florida after premier in California!

The Next Performance of Tea with Alice and Me: Black Box Theater ~ Sarasota, Florida is scheduled for Friday, May 11, 2018, Performance at 5 p.m. Sponsored by the New College of Sarasota, Florida’s Gender Studies program. This event is free. Introduce Alice’s tea to your city, organization, school or club. Contact: Wild West Women, Inc., Martha Wheelock, Producer at (800) 428-7136 or martha@wildwestwomen.org

Wild West Women is the proud producer of “Tea with Alice and Me,” a full-length one-woman performance that takes the audience to women’s tearooms ~ Seneca, Selfridges, The National Women’s Party, Women’s Bookstores. Of course it is really about a cup of revolution served up in nonviolent direct action. From 1775 through today, Zoe Nicholson takes you on her militant, revolutionary, feminist call to action. Hundreds of pictures and personal stories transport the audience to each time and place she describes.

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Hints that the 2020 suffrage centennial is getting closer!

The upcoming 2020 national suffrage centennial is getting closer. One way to tell is the appearance of first wave women’s rights activists like Alice Paul appearing in a major network show, “Timeless.” She is framed for murder and needs a top woman Sherlock type to bail her out. It’s the second season of “Timeless,” episode 7.

Alice Paul is identified as being responsible, due to her persistence, with the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Alice herself wouldn’t have insisted on the credit. Many tens of thousands of women across the nation participated in the agitation for decades.

And Alice Paul wouldn’t have called herself a “suffragette,” which is part of the TV promotion for the show, even though she did work in England with the suffrage movement there. American activists would have more likely called themselves “suffragists” than “suffragettes.”

It is about time that the entertainment industry recognizes a part of American history that has been marginalized for most of the 20th century. We’ll be hearing more about these courageous activists as 2020 approaches when U.S. women will have been voting for 100 years.

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