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I need exercise right now…Get ready for the ERA!

by Marguerite Kearns

How can I expect the equal rights amendment to pass the US Congress? Not now, kids. There’s an election in the works between two men, Biden and Trump this coming November 2024. And exercise wasn’t popular when I was a kid. My mother got exercise by raising five children. But something was wrong with the nuclear family. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was the top down structure, a concept screaming from inside me. Everyone else hasn’t made the leap to horizontal structure screams a tiny small voice within me. That’s why the conventional types are on the bandwagon for reform.

Or at least that’s the simplified version of “cause and effect” that I am endorsing.

I am stretching out right now to move to another roof over my head. I’m writing as if many women I respect are in line to spread optimism by speaking in “optimistic” terms without a simultaneous structural shift.

Suffrage Centennials has a board of directors that endorses an equal rights emphasis. Now that 100 years US women have been voting, there still isn’t a woman with enough pubic support to nail the nation’s highest post…President of the United States.

I’m supporting an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution.

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