Patriotic protest theme important in women’s suffrage organizing!

Patriotic Protest theme of “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon! on Vimeo.

The “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon will be on exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY during 2020.

The patriotic protest theme of the women’s suffrage movement constituted an important part of the wagon’s significance on its journey from New York City to Long Island in July of 1913. Edna Kearns, Irene Davison, and Serena Kearns wore colonial costumes and used banners citing “taxation without representation.”

The New York State Museum has a model of the Stanton/Anthony statue on exhibit until Women’s History Month in 2019. The actual statue will be unveiled during 2020 in Central Park. It will be the first statue of women in Central Park and an important feature of the national observance when US women will have been voting for 100 years.

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Gearing up for 2020 during 2019 at the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

There’s a database with events this coming year as organizations, policymakers, schools, and interested citizens prepare for the 2020 national suffrage centennial. Sign up with the WVCI News at

You’ll find events like these scheduled for 2019 at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester, New York. It’s all part of the preparation for the 2020 votes for women centennial celebration.

March 18, 2019The Role of Black Women in Reconstruction-Era Political Campaigns, Dr. Justin Behrends, Associate Professor & Chair, History, SUNY Geneseo

May 6, 2019Catherine E. Beecher and the Cult of Domesticity. Denise Munson, Esq.

June 3, 2019Martha Taylor Howard, Savior of 17 Madison Street. ​Dr. Jenny Lloyd, History Professor Emerita, The College at Brockport

Each presentation is offered in the Carriage House of the museum and house in Rochester, NY as a noon luncheon ($35 individual reservation) or 2 pm informal tea ($20 individual reservation). Space is limited and may be sold out.


We are members of New Mexico Press Women. features the news, views, and events associated with 2020 suffrage centennial observances.

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Breaking News, plus 2020 suffrage centennial is gaining momentum!


The State of New Mexico is organizing for 2020 with its first planning meeting held in Albuquerque. On the agenda is finding an organization to take responsibility for special programs throughout 2020.


The Alice Paul Institute is celebrating Paul’s 134th birthday today, and carrying on her work in the support of the Equal Rights Amendment.

IN SUFFRAGE CENTENNIAL NEWS: The UK has listed many sites of suffrage protest on its National Heritage list. This includes Emmeline Pankhurst’s tomb, Bristol Hall, and Her Majesty’s Theatre. Marches, exhibits, theatre, conferences and more marked the UK’s 2018 suffrage centennial where women won partial voting rights, with full suffrage in 1928. In the US, work continues to prepare for the 2020 national suffrage centennial.

Suffrage Centennials features the trends, news, views, and views of the first wave of the women’s rights movement in the US. This video highlights associated interests and concerns. Suffrage Wagon Cafe has monthly programs and videos advocating that we all observe, celebrate, and make the most of 2020 when US women will have been voting, or have had the partial right to vote, for 100 years.

During 2020, a great deal is planned, and we’ll follow the expected events and observances on this web platform, as well as events and programs organized from now to 2020. Celebrate women’s freedom to vote. We worked hard for it and now we’re concerned about fair and honest elections, more women participating in the electoral process, inclusion, diversity, and much more.

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Equal Rights Amendment passage in Virginia predicted for 2019! Plus more news!

The passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, if passed in 2019, won’t be the end of the debate over the next Amendment to empower women in the US Constitution. However, it’s a major stepping stone to reaching the goal. Accompanying this rite of passage will be considerable attention given to August 2020 when US women will have been voting for 100 years.

We’ve been on the case here at Suffrage Centennials since 2013, knocking on doors, producing and circulating videos, telling stories and participating in an incredible national movement to bring the story of American women into the forefront. There are suffrage commissions in states across the country. We now have a national suffrage commission that met for the first time in December of 2018.

More women are running for election than ever before. And we’re continuing on, publishing with 2020 in mind. And how about you? Sign up for posts to

If you’re a blogger, journalist, filmmaker, or all-around communicator, check in with, the public service web platform that connects you to the contacts you need to assemble a cutting edge story about 100 years of women voting.


At a press conference held recently, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper announced the state’s suffrage centennial commission. Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne, History Colorado Chairperson Cathey McClain Finlon, and more of the 25 female women in public service who have committed to the Commission.

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Happy New Year from your friends celebrating suffrage centennials!

Looking forward to women’s suffrage centennial celebrations & storytelling! on Vimeo.

Happy New Year from your friends celebrating suffrage centennials and the New Year in 2019!

We will continue bringing 2020 to everyone’s attention. We will honor the many events and celebrations scheduled for 2020 when US women will have been voting for 100 years.

We will keep in mind that in 2023 US women will have been struggling to include equal rights in the US Constitution for 100 years. We will still be concerned about fair and honest elections in 2020. We will be asking why the US doesn’t have a national suffrage medal like New Zealand.

We will support the descendants of the first wave of women’s rights activists. We will get behind efforts to tell the entire story of the struggles of women and their male allies.

We support men in their own liberation struggles to make our personal lives consistent with the broader issues. And we will make New Year’s resolutions consistent with our hopes and dreams!



Updates to Suffrage Centennials & news about voting rights !


The Martha Hughes Cannon Statue Oversight Committee was chartered and commissioned by the Utah Legislature to oversee the creation and placement of a statue of activist Martha Hughes Cannon in National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol. To learn more, visit

We can’t stay on top of the number of events and special programs being planned for 2020. We attempt to pass on a representative sampling.

DENIAL OF VOTING RIGHTS FOR WOMEN, plus voter supression

The celebration of 100 years of women voting in the United States is plagued with attempts to suppress and limit voter rights by special political interests. This also happened following the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution that passed in 1920 when special interests in the South and elsewhere stood in the way of the 19th Amendment extending voting rights based on race and ethnic origins. It took decades during the 20th century to turn some of these suppression efforts aside.

Today, the efforts to deny, suppress, manipulate, and control outcome of elections by gerrymandering still continues. Free and fair elections are still an unrealized goal in the United States. This is why the observance and celebration of suffrage centennials is so important.


On January 19, 2019, women, women from across the nation will gather for the annual women’s march. In other locations across the nation, many are also expected to participate in “sister” marches. The location for the main march has been changed. Watch for updates.

State of New York rolled out red carpet for 100 years of women voters in New York State on Vimeo.

What is next from New York State for 2020?

The New York State suffrage commission is empowered through 2020. Other states are also creating 2020 suffrage commissions. Follow Suffrage Centennials for news and views.

Happy holidays 2018 from Suffrage Centennials!

Happy holidays from Suffrage Centennials. We have been publishing since 2013 and we’re going strong in the direction of 2020, the U.S. suffrage centennial.

During 2018, the UK held an observance of its suffrage centennial where many, but not all of its women citizens, won the right to vote in 1918. France followed in 1944. Unfortunately we aren’t able to cover all suffrage movements around the world. However, if you have an article or news item to share, please get in touch! Expand our sphere of influence.

Let’s get busy during 2019 preparing for 2020 when the US will be observing 100 years of women voting with the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution.

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Christmas Day and Inez Milholland go together!

From 2016 to 2020 for Inez Milholland, the U.S. suffrage martyr! on Vimeo.

It wasn’t so long ago that when Inez Milholland’s name was mentioned, many people asked “Who is she?” Now things have changed, and the name recognition for our nation’s suffrage martyr is at a much higher level. This is due, in part, to the flurry of activity during 2016 and the centennial of Inez Milholland’s death.

The National Women’s History Project honored Inez during 2016, and now she has been nominated to be included in the National Women’s Hall of Fame. When will we know? Some time during 2019. And we are continuing to work toward Inez being included in the 2020 suffrage festivities. This video was produced back in 2016 when we launched the centennial observance for Inez.

Stay tuned for new developments. Martha Wheelock and Wild West Women produced a terrific 15-minute video in 2016 that brought the story of Inez to thousands of people across the nation and around the world. The Inez centennial blog continues following Inez and those who love her. Honor Inez during 2019. Keep your fingers crossed for good news!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Suffrage Centennials!


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First Wave of the women’s rights movement—VIDEOS about descendants…

Report from the inside of the women’s rights first wave! on Vimeo. has syndicated news stories from Suffrage Wagon News Channel. We’ve been hearing reports about the millions of descendants of the first wave of women’s rights activists. They’re women and men and people from all sorts of backgrounds and interests. And this is the reason, in part, why the upcoming 2020 suffrage centennial has been getting so much attention. Interest and planning is ongoing across the nation.


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