Suffrage centennial celebrations depend on Women’s History Month observances

If you’re interested in suffrage centennials, whether for sport, pleasure, for educational purposes, a suffrage centennial gets its juice and its momentum from special observances of women’s history. The date may be different in countries around the world, but the ritual and significance is enhanced by becoming aware of Women’s History Month or other observances such as International Women’s Day. The deeper and rich significance of these celebrations is particularly meaningful when there’s a message of struggle and freedom won by women. It’s all too common for centennial celebrations to be no more than a flash in the pan in a world overrun with images and messages. Don’t lose heart. There are increasingly more events and celebrations. The internet has many resources, including an excellent resource from the Library of Congress with a teacher’s guide, primary documents, and images. This link has valuable course outlines actually used in college and university programs. Dust off your teapot and invite people over for a special tea party with home-baked goodies. Don’t let Women’s History Month (March) or International Women’s Day (March 8) pass without some special recognition!