The Passing of the Torch…to the future!


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After a year of publishing on an irregular schedule, I am passing the torch to the future. Just as my parents and ancestors passed the torch to me, I am passing it on. In the time allotted to me, I accomplished a great deal, and now it is time for a new generation to carry on.

COMMENTS FROM Marguerite Kearns

Last week I experienced “a beloved community.” It felt wonderful, and there was an acceptance of everyone for who they are and what they bring to a larger community. These are shifts based on horizontal values stuffed into a vertical structure. I’d like to think that this is different than what I thought and believed decades ago.

And the door is opening to completing its grassroots mission.

The Kingian nonviolenee training is terrific. But don’t sign up before y9u give it serious thought.

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