“A League of their Own!”– the next generation after the suffragists…& LETTER #1

History isn’t something we compartmentalize. It lives. It breathes. It’s very much in our awareness. This message is being shared in conjunction with institutions and museums, as well as recently published books, museum exhibitions, and historical society exhibits and related events. Our ancestors and family members engaged in social awareness and activism, passed the torch to others now and in the future, and they carry on the work. Find out more about this. Give Marguerite Kearns a call.


Members of the ERA Coalition, also known as partners, will be meeting biweekly to facilitate campaigns on the local level. These gatherings will be scheduled every other Thursday at 1 p.m., EST. Let us know if you have sent letters to the editor of local newspapers, or op-eds.

The next generation after the wave resulting in the grandchildren of the suffragists is portrayed in this terrific treatment about young women who love to be out on the ballfields of cities and small towns carving out their own identity by way of their own baseball league. It’s a joy to contemplate and assist in being there to witness how the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution affected the lives of a diverse group of concerned women.


Find out what you can do to get the US Senate to a vote on getting rid of the ERA ratification time limits. Below is Letter #1 to mover and shaker Chuck Schumer, Hart Senate Building, Room 322. Washington, DC 20510.

Next year is the 100th year of US women working on an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. That’s why SuffrageCentennials.com is involved.

Another example of the support that’s around us when we do this work!

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