Happy March and Women’s History Month! Activism is urgent NOW!


The House and Senate have introduced new joint resolutions affirming the validity of the Equal Rights Amendment (HJ Res 25 and SJ Res 4), and there will be a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing sometime soon, followed by a vote.

According to the ERA Coalition, there are a lot of moving pieces to all of this, but the most important piece is YOU! Call your members of Congress and send them messages asking them to sign as cosponsors of the new resolutions! Write an OpEd to your local paper, explaining the need for the ERA and why it’s so important.

Special thanks to those visionaries of a different generation and today who have believed in women’s history so much that they created the month of March to celebrate. They are  continuing the work and passing a torch to others who are moving the work forward. Tens of thousands of volunteers from many backgrounds worked within limitations and passed a torch to future generations. The dedication and persistence continues.

SuffrageCentennials.com is focusing on an equal rights amendment passed and placed into the US Constitution. The women in the United States have been working on an ERA for 100 years.

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