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by Marguerite Kearns

I thought that it might be necessary to retire after all of the suffrage and women’s rights activities of 2020. We couldn’t have imagined the bipartisan support for the recognition of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

Sad to say that the efforts of those wishing to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution have been fiercely opposed. The ERA was drafted almost 100 years ago in 1923 by suffrage activist Alice Paul. The United States is behind in terms of guaranteeing equal rights to women, more than half of the US voting public.


Our specialty over the past decade has been to send reminder emails about upcoming events and special activities. For more than a decade we were promoting a mostly volunteer voting rights movement to take place in 2020. It happened. Great work!

And now what? More opposition? Voting restrictions? The activists of the early 20th century women’s voting rights movement would be horrified to discover that zeal and determination to restrict voting rights.

We also have opposition to the basics of constitutional protection. An Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. This is unacceptable.

Don’t give up, says an active and persistent advocate, Sylvia Cruz in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Generations of us have been passing the torch, I’m adding to the appeal. WE have moved this far due to persistence and determination.

Let’s celebrate who we are, what we have accomplished together, and more. Stand firm and pass the torch!

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