Marguerite Kearns asks, “Can you help me out with a favor?”

Marguerite Kearns talks about her suffrage activist grandparents—Edna Kearns & Wilmer Kearns! on Vimeo.

Dear Friends,

I may be writing about the suffrage campaigning, but my new book has a special message for you. Are you collecting family stories, memorabilia, photos, and so on? Items like these are the most valuable gifts for future generations? And I include you when I suggest that my book has more interest than those interested in women’s issues.

SUNY Press (State of New York) is working hard to produce my book scheduled to be published in June 2021. I’ve discovered that the scheduling of events is the area where I’m to take full responsibility, according to one member of the production team.

Here’s where you come in. Do you know of an organization, program, educational program of other venue where my participation and presentation would be welcome? Contact me and I can follow through on your suggestion. I’m reachable at SUNYBookAuthor at

Visit the web site: for details of the book, “An Unfinished Revolution.” This work is a model of something many people are doing as a gift to their own families. They’re archiving important events, photos, stories and more. My book is about how the early women’s rights movement impacted me, as well as four generations in my family. And it has broader implications about what you can do with your own family.

Get in touch. I’ll love to hear from you!

Hugs, Marguerite Kearns has been publishing since 2013. Our work continues.

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