Other opportunities to watch the PBS documentary, “The Vote”!

Other opportunities to watch “The Vote” from PBS.  The documentary aired July 6, 2020. It’s on the “American Experience” web site, and it expires July 5, 2023. It’s the first opportunity for many to learn about the early women’s rights effort.

Volunteers stepped forward in 2016 to spread the word about Inez Milholland, an American activist who died for our right to vote. Back then, relatively few Americans had heard of Inez. The year 2016 was the 100th anniversary of Milholland’s death. Sustained and persistent work was successful, but only to a point. It didn’t address other women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

For more information about Inez: InezMilhollandCentennial.com   InezMilholland.org


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The ERA Coalition is urging the US Senate to pass SJ Res 6 to remove the time limit from the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).


The broadcasting of the two part documentary, “The Vote,” this week was a major contribution to Americans knowing about a major movement for social justice that took decades and considerable effort. One response was consistent—”I had no idea it was so uphill and created such controversy.”

Some of those who worked on the PBS documentary admitted they had gone through life, many specializing in history, and they knew little or nothing about the voting rights controversies and fierce campaigning. This was also noted by several writers, now well known—that they’d gone through life without a clue of what their ancestors and family members had gone through until the past few years.

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