VIDEO—Join with the voting rights “Toast for Tenacity” originating from Philadelphia!

We are proud participants in the Vision 2020 effort to celebrate August 26th. On the 26th of August, or Women’s Equality Day, we’re supporting the “Toast to Tenacity,” the moment when we can join together —across all kinds of boundaries—and raise our glasses to celebrate an accomplishment of the past that is affecting us today and into the future—the expansion of the right to vote.

You can raise your glass and join with friends. Here’s the announcement from Vision 2020’s web platform:

“… Vision 2020 is hosting its annual Toast to Tenacity, on August 26, 2020 in honor of Women’s Equality Day!
“Every year we raise a glass of grape juice, as the suffragists did due to prohibition, to toast to those who fought for women’s voting rights, and this year marks the official centennial of the 19th amendment.
“If you are planning to host a toast this year, complete a Google Form so we can feature you in the official Women 100 Toast to Tenacity livestream and/or in our newsletter and social media channels. Whether your team is toasting from the comfort of their own homes, safely gathering with others, or hosting a virtual program, we want to hear about it and possibly feature you!
How to Get Involved
“Please refer to our *updated* Toast to Tenacity Toolkit, where you will find a wealth of information. From understanding the history of the suffrage movement to tagging #ToastToTenacity on social media, everything you need to know is in the toolkit. Complete the Google Form, even if your plan is to remain cozy at home with coffee as you raise your mug for a toast. We love seeing the variety of experiences tagged on social media.”
Joyce Lewandowski, from Vision 2020

A Toast to those who came before us! Special from Suffrage Wagon News Channel  on Vimeo.

Thanks to Franco Salzillo, food and drink writer, for the Nineteenth Amendment toast recipe. has been publishing since 2013.

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