Suffrage Centennial Contacts

Principal State Centennial Group Websites: This is a work in progress assembled by Bob Cooney. If you have any additions or corrections, get in touch.

Alabama, Women’s Suffrage Centennial Committee

Alaska, no state group found

Arizona, Celebrates the 19th Amendment

Arkansas, Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemoration Committee

California, 2020 Women’s Suffrage Project

Colorado, Women’s Vote Centennial // Colorado 2020, History Colorado,

Connecticut, Commission to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Delaware, Women’s Vote, Delaware Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission

Florida, Women’s Suffrage Centennial

Georgia, no state group found

Hawaii, Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemoration

Idaho,  Women 100

Illinois, Suffrage 2020 Illinois, Evanston History Center

Indiana, Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission

Iowa, 19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration

Kansas, 19th Amendment Centennial

Kentucky, Woman Suffrage Project

Louisiana – no state group found

Maine, Suffrage Centennial

Maryland, 19th Amendment Centennial Commission, Maryland Commission for Women

Massachusetts, Suffrage100MA

Michigan, Votes for Women 100, LWV of Washtenaw County

Minnesota, LWV of Minnesota

Mississippi, League of Women Voters of Mississippi

Missouri, League of Women Voters of Missouri

Montana, Women’s History

Nebraska, LWV of Greater Omaha

Nevada, Women’s Suffrage Celebration Committee

New Hampshire, Women Vote 100

New Jersey Women Vote 2020, Discover NJ History

New Mexico – League of Women Voters of New Mexico

 New York State Women’s Suffrage Commission

North Carolina – She Changed the World


North Dakota Woman Suffrage Centennial Committee

Ohio Suffrage Centennial

Oklahoma Historical Society

Oregon Women’s History Consortium

Pennsylvania Women’s Suffrage 100

Rhode Island – XIX: Shall Not Be Denied

South Carolina – LWV of South Carolina

South Dakota – Her Voice, Her Vote

Tennessee Woman 100

Texas Women`s Foundation 19th Amendment Centennial Project

Utah – Better Days 2020

Vermont Suffrage Centennial Alliance

Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Washington – Celebrating 100 Years of Women Change Makers, Washington State Historical Society

West Virginia Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment

Wisconsin 19th Amendment Suffrage Centennial Celebration Committee, LWV of Wisconsin,

Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Celebration, 2019-2020

Washington D.C. – LWV in DC

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