Happy Valentine’s Day during 2020, the US suffrage centennial!

Happy Valentine’s Day. This message is to send love to the tens of thousands of US women who worked for generations to win the right to vote and to strengthen  the effort to expand civil rights to the nation’s women. We need to hear this because of the present-day stubborn and fierce resistance to completing this unfinished social revolution.

The podcast, below, features writing from Doris Stevens about Inez Milholland, the US suffrage martyr. Don’t forget Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday on February 15th.

Check out the updates to the web platform, InezMilhollandCentennial.com

This site was launched in 2016 to commemorate the 100 years since Inez Milholland’s death in 1916. Now there’s a Colorado sculptor who is looking for allies to support her in constructing a statue of Inez on her horse.

The above link is an audio recording from “Jailed for Freedom,” the 1920 book by suffrage activist and writer Doris Stevens where she highlighted Inez Milholland’s last public appearance in California on behalf of women’s rights.


For news of a wrap-up of events, topics, and controversies during 2020, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, go to one of our sister sites  Suffrage Wagon News Channel.

The news channel celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. Back when the news channel started posting, there were few links and feature postings about the early women’s rights movement. Nowadays there are so many events and topics of interest, it’s impossible to feature them all.

Because the Suffrage Wagon News Channel is a labor of love from Marguerite Kearns, you can expect there’s a great deal of material available about the early women’s rights movement. She’s working on completing a book about her suffrage activist grandparents—Edna Kearns and Wilmer Kearns. Marguerite’s upcoming memoir is scheduled for publication in 2021. For the Kearns family, suffrage activism was a family affair. Visit the SuffrageWagon.org blog and sign up for news updates.

Watch for the next special program at the Suffrage Wagon Cafe.

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There’s also a blog where you can stay on top of updates about Inez. Also check out: InezMilholland.wordpress.com

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