Planning for August 26th in the year 2020!

Let’s get busy planning for August 26th and 2020!

Plan for August 26th, the women’s 4th of July! on Vimeo.

August 26th, or Women’s Equality Day, may be over for 2019. But it’s a reminder to get prepared now for August 2020, when the nation is geared up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. This is a reminder to get going now!

During 2020 there will be events, conferences, exhibits, theatre, books, movies, and much more to honor the 100 years women have been voting in the US. And 2020 is also a national election year. Many consider August 26th in 2019 as when the gate opens for special events and celebrations launching the 2020 centennial. So it’s happening now. Be inspired by the momentum.


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