Quaker women see the need to be visible during the women’s suffrage centennial in 2020

It’s difficult to speak about the first wave of the women’s suffrage movement without giving a nod to Quaker women. Of the women of Seneca Falls, New York planning the 1848 women’s conference, all but one were Quaker women. The lone exception—Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

There’s a new web site just gearing up to spread the word about this initiative—QuakerWomen.com

If you’re a Quaker women or know someone who is, share this email with them.

Our sister site, LetsRockTheCradle.com, has just announced its partnership with Vision 2020 that will hold special programs in the Philadelphia area during August of 2020. LetsRockTheCradle is a public service for writers, journalists, bloggers, educators, and others who have been busy spreading the word about 2020 and the upcoming suffrage centennial celebrations. The Cradle platform is sharing its Vision 2020 partnership.


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