Gearing up for 2020 during 2019 at the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

There’s a database with events this coming year as organizations, policymakers, schools, and interested citizens prepare for the 2020 national suffrage centennial. Sign up with the WVCI News at

You’ll find events like these scheduled for 2019 at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester, New York. It’s all part of the preparation for the 2020 votes for women centennial celebration.

March 18, 2019The Role of Black Women in Reconstruction-Era Political Campaigns, Dr. Justin Behrends, Associate Professor & Chair, History, SUNY Geneseo

May 6, 2019Catherine E. Beecher and the Cult of Domesticity. Denise Munson, Esq.

June 3, 2019Martha Taylor Howard, Savior of 17 Madison Street. ​Dr. Jenny Lloyd, History Professor Emerita, The College at Brockport

Each presentation is offered in the Carriage House of the museum and house in Rochester, NY as a noon luncheon ($35 individual reservation) or 2 pm informal tea ($20 individual reservation). Space is limited and may be sold out.


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