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Dear Friends,

We’re getting ready to celebrate the 2020 centennial observance of US women voting for 100 years.

You may also be on the trail of following the upcoming 2020 suffrage centennial because you’re a votes for women, first wave women’s rights descendant. And you also might be in yet another category of being a descendant and not know it yet. Scratch the surface of your family history and you may be surprised.

There are millions of us. Chances are—you haven’t yet realized your essential role in US history. During 2020, our job is to celebrate 100 years of voting rights and put this into play by insisting on remembering our nation’s democratic roots.

Tens of thousands of women and their allies spent decades working for the right to vote from 1848 (and before) through 1920. They have descendants, and you, like many others, haven’t yet dug into this part of your family history.

That you may be descended from the first wave of American voting rights activists shouldn’t be passed over lightly. Many family members didn’t mention this important association and organizing priority in their lives to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and other descendants.

Are there interests you have and activities that you’ve not mentioned to friends and family members? Of course.

Even if you can’t prove a direct family connection, the first wave of the women’s rights movement in the United States is an important and essential part of our national legacy and history…whether you’re a young person, woman, man, or wherever you find yourself on the gender continuum.

The chances are excellent that you are descended, either directly or by interest, to the tens of thousands of voting rights activists and their allies who worked and sweated for decades to win the right to vote during the first wave of the women’s rights movement. If you aren’t directly related, you may be a descendent in some other way—spiritual or because of your interests and concerns.

There are many citizens who define themselves as first wave women’s rights descendants simply because they are passionate about this earlier part of American history. By combining the accomplishments of ALL the waves of rights activists through today, we find ourselves standing on strong shoulders.

Our place in history will be celebrated during 2020, and we want to make sure you’re part of this turning point in time.

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