Plan a fall trip to see women’s history road markers & find out about similar work around US!

If you are planning a fall trip, consider visiting Long island where the historic roadside marker commemorating the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Kearns is one of many on the island commemorating first wave women’s rights organizing organizing there. Many of these road markers are funded by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, as well as other community groups in the process of building a votes for women trail.

Historic commemorative road markers are appearing across the United States as part of an ongoing program of The National Historic Landmarks Program’s Women’s History Initiative. Many new historic sites and commemorations are being planned for 2020 and earlier.


The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS) invites you and your organization to become a member. Founded in 2001, NCWHS supports and promotes the preservation and interpretation of sites and locales that bear witness to women’s participation in American life. The Collaborative makes women’s contributions to history visible so that all women’s experience and potential can be recognized and valued. Member support is essential in helping NCWHS carry out its mission. Link.


The Huntington, NY roadside marker dedicated in April 2018 commemorates a parade and suffrage rally on Huntington’s main street (Wall and Main Streets) in July of 1913 involving suffrage activist Edna Kearns and Mrs. Mary Jones, a local “anti” activist. See Suffrage Wagon News Channel ( for more information about the Huntington, NY roadside marker.

ALSO, check out web site dedicated to honor Inez Milholland, our US suffrage martyr. The National Women’s History Project sells pins honoring Inez Milholland. Check the numerous gifts at the online store.


Zakiya Thomas will serve as the new National Women’s Party executive director in Washington,DC. Zakiya joins the NWP at a critical juncture as it prepares for the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and reaffirms its commitment to advance full constitutional equality for women.

The NWP will launch a nationwide multi-year initiative in 2019 by using its historic collection of women’s rights artifacts to inspire action toward full equality for women. The initiative will be conducted in partnership with local civic organizations, individual and business leaders, and advocates.