See women’s suffrage exhibit at New York State Museum soon before it closes!

The “Votes for Women” suffrage exhibition at the New York State Museum closes on May 13, 2018. It took years to organize and it has been an enormous contribution to the public understanding of women’s history, especially in New York State.

After the exhibit closes, the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon used by suffrage activist Edna Kearns will go back into the museum warehouse. This is the reason for the reminders…so you can get to the museum. Make a holiday out of it, and support the New York State Museum in making a decision to put the wagon on permanent exhibit. For more information:

Another reminder that the honoring of Inez Milholland continues. She is our U.S. suffrage martyr, and the observance of the 100 years since her death in the cause of women voting brought her contributions out into the open. So many people made the same comment: “We never heard of her before, and we’re grateful to know about her now. What an inspirational story!”

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