Suffrage Movement Information—More of it than ever!

Surf the internet with an inquiring mind and it’s amazing what can be found. Make sure you know the difference between the words “suffragist” and “suffragette.” Here’s a resource.

The Pomeroy Foundation has been funding suffrage-related road markers through New York State. These markers are attractive and add value to a community’s awareness of its history. The suffrage marker program has been popular, according to Pomeroy representatives. Contact the Pomeroy Foundation for news of past accomplishments and new programs coming soon.

Volunteers have been doing a fabulous job tracking new books and a straight forward way of presenting the suffrage movement in its larger context, especially race issues, so the subject matter is accessible to those of us following the long and difficult struggle for women’s rights that continues to this day. It’s worth signing up for the listserv and following the web site. It’s an amazing example of what can be accomplished with determination and persistence by an ever-growing group of people across the nation.

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