Planning and preparation with 2020 suffrage centennial in mind!

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In honor of the August 26th 2020 U.S. centennial celebration, the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS) is developing a nationwide Votes for Women Trail that will highlight the role of each state in the 72-year campaign to win votes for women. Will you join?

The trail will feature the buildings, sites, historical markers, and monuments where woman suffrage activity took place in the United States before August 26, 1920. The goal is to create a national trail dedicated to documenting the story of woman suffrage, but it’s necessary to start on the local level.

Tennessee played a crucial role in the battle for woman suffrage and deserves to be well represented on this national map. Please help. The NCWHS is looking for: buildings, monuments, historical markers, gravesites, historic sites, anti-suffrage sites and events. The coordinating editor of the Votes for Women Trail reviews all submissions and will make the determination if a site should be included.


HarperCollins will publish a nonfiction book by Ann Patchett about women’s voting rights to honor the 2020 centennial. The book Vote will bring together suffrage history, Patchett’s personal experience registering voters, and advocacy about the importance of voting. Patchett lives in Nashville where she owns the bookstore, Parnassus Books.

PBS’ American Experience is developing a four-hour documentary for 2020. This opens up an opportunity for us to approach local or state PBS stations about preparing related documentaries about suffrage history.

 The Minnesota Historical Society is preparing a major exhibit on the American suffrage movement for 2020. The exhibit will first be housed in St. Paul MN at the Minnesota History Center and then will tour. Contact your city or state historical society or museum and ask them to host the MHS suffrage exhibit or develop one with local or state content. Museums in Kentucky, Arkansas, Boston, Washington, DC, Cincinnati, California, Washington state, and others are already laying the foundations for 2020.

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