Get your free copy of film about Inez Milholland, America’s suffrage martyr!

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Wild West Women proudly announces the release and complimentary distribution of the film, “Inez Milholland ~ Forward into Light.” The trailer is shown here.

 This short documentary tells the story of American icon, Inez Milholland who broke convention with her striking conscience advocating for gender equality, pacifism, racial justice, unions and free speech in the early Twentieth Century. She became the voice of suffrage.

 In 1916 she crossed the country, giving 50 speeches in 28 days. Pushing through exhaustion and anemia she fell at the podium October 23,1916 at Los Angeles, Blanchard Hall.  She was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital where she died 30 days later. Her last public sentence, “President Wilson, how long must women wait for liberty?”

Run time: 15 minutes  Visit for ordering information.

Inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s production and free distribution of “Selma,” filmmaker, Martha Wheelock made the decision to make a film about Inez Milholland,  the American suffragist who lost her life while campaigning across the West for federal suffrage.

 With the shockingly low numbers of Americans voting, Martha Wheellock wants women and girls to understand the cost and importance of the vote.  How better than tell the story of Inez Milholland, an astounding woman who gave her life for the 19th Amendment!

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