History activism: The example of Inez Milholland & Obama’s citizens medal!

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Thank you for your support of Obama presidential medal for Inez Milholland! on Vimeo.

Music on the above video by Eighty Bug, the Suffragist Sisters et. al. The “Spirit of 1776.”

NYS suffrage centennialThe celebration of American history isn’t only a dry and dusty affair. More organizations and web platforms than ever are engaging in history activism. SuffrageCentennials.com has been focusing on digital technology and social media to take the message of women’s history to a wider audience. We’ve been partnering with individuals and organizations, a cooperative effort that has already resulted in significant gains.

History activism is seen in such recent efforts as to kickstart planning for the 2020 suffrage centennial, support the New York State suffrage centennial in 2017, and the campaign for a presidential citizens medal for Inez Milholland from President Obama so that we can write American suffrage martyr Inez Milholland into American history, and much more.

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