Get ready for Inez Milholland centennial observance in 2016

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A star for Inez Milholland, America’s women’s suffrage martyr on Vimeo.

INEZ MILHOLLAND, SUFFRAGE MARTYR: The grave of Inez Milholland is in Lewis, NY, not far from the Canadian border. It’s not easy to find or visit, but those who take the time and effort are rewarded. It’s likely that people will visit the Inez Milholland grave during 2016, the centennial year of her death. As America’s suffrage martyr, more people will be aware of Inez and her life than ever, especially during an election year. is a partner in the 2016 Inez Milholland centennial observance. Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter. The national Inez Milholland Centennial web site has all the information you need to: (1.) Sign up as a partner (2.) Check on excellent resources about Inez Milholland (3.) Sign up for the Inez centennial newsletter (4.) Add your name to the digital petition supporting the granting of the Presidential Citizens medal to Inez Milholland (5.) Follow the blog and Twitter that will keep you up to date. Go to:

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